Cycle route design and construction ongoing in South Dublin County

Planning, design and construction work is ongoing on a number of cycle routes in the mid-west and south-west areas of Co Dublin, a reply from South Dublin County Council to Cllr Dermot Looney has confirmed.

Cllr Looney (independent) said: “Following recent media reports, I sought an update on the progress on various cycle schemes in South Dublin County.”

The update given by South Dublin County Council is as follows:

1. Dodder Greenway
Environmental and screening currently ongoing. Progressing to Part 8 approval by end of 2016. Funding of €188,000 committed until end of 2016.

2. Tallaght to Ballyboden
Works recently completed at Knock Lyon Junction. Funding of €465,000 committed until end of 2016.

3. Grange Road
Construction works commenced on site at Sarah Curran Avenue to Park Avenue. Funding of €315,000 committed until end of 2016.

4. Ballyroan Green Schools
Construction to commence on site in the next 4 weeks. Funding of €469,000 committed until end of 2016.

5. Tallaght to Templeogue Green Route
Nearing completion, Landscaping underway and Parking control being implemented in the Village.

6. Willsbrook Road Cycle facilities
Construction underway, completion due in January 2017.

7. Monastery Road walking route
Phase 3 to the Village completed. Approval from the NTA to design section from Monastery Heath to the Luas.

8. Tallaght to Liffey Valley
Progressing to detailed design of the Scheme and approval will be sought for funding next year.

9. N4 to City Centre Scheme – Woodies Junction
Detailed negotiations with the NTA are underway.

10. Walkinstown Roundabout
Awaiting results of the QBC study which will allow progress, we expect these results within the next two months.


  1. Would be nice in this day and age if we just had easy access to this information online rather than having to have a sympathetic councillor request it.

    Any chance of an update for other areas?

  2. I can’t wait to see the recommendation for Walkinstown Roundabout. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t involve cyclists avoiding the roundabout itself, going down every exit and waiting patiently until all the cars are done moving before they cross each one.


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