Gardai tackle motorcyclists using cycle lane at deadly junction

Cyclists have thanked Gardai for taking action over motorcyclists using the cycle lane which was upgraded after the death of Donna Fox in a collision with a truck last year.

Flexi bollards were installed along the cycle lane at the junction and the cycling flow along the junction was highlighted after the death of Donna, who was killed in a collision with a turning truck when she was cycling at the junction last year. Although, the pedestrian guardrails — which have been linked to cyclists’ deaths — have yet to be removed from the junction.

The @gardatraffic account tweeted on Thursday: “DMR Traffic carried out operation at junction of Seville Place & Sheriff Street Upper after complaint of motorcycles using dedicated cycle lane.”

One of those who had complained was Nick Keegan:

After the Gardai acted, he was among those to thank the @gardatraffic account:

But it’s not the only place where motorcyclists cause issues for cyclists:


  1. I have to admit I have a hard time seeing why this is considered a problem. They would not take a lot more space than a bicycle and do not block the cycle lane. Motorcyclist are the only type of road user showing any courtesy towards cyclist. If it makes their journey easier and they do no endanger cyclist I do not mind them nipping into the cycle lane now and then or them using the bus lane.

  2. I agree with Sam, I find people on motorbikes to be very considerate of cyclists and have never been in any way inconvenienced by them when they come into the cycle lane. I am sure there must be exceptions to this, but motorcyclists are vulnerable and I am in favor of them doing what is necessary to keep themselves safe so long as they use common sense and are respectful, and they seem to be.

  3. I personally haven’t had any issues with motorbikes in Dublin. However, in the Netherlands scooters are a major pain in the ass. NOISY, smelly, polluting, uncomfortable to be around when they speed along on the cycle-lanes etc etc. Because of that experience I’d rather we didn’t encourage motorised vehicles of any sort to be using the cycle-lanes. We should be aiming for cycle-lanes that can be used by everyone from 8 to 80. Bikes having to mix it in with motorbikes is not desirable from that point of view.


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