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Northern Ireland-based bicycle tech firm expands Smart City project

A Northern Ireland-based bicycle technology and data company, See.Sence, who are best known for its Icon bicycle lights, are looking to recruit a project lead for their Smart City data team.

The company’s Icon bicycle lights can record data such as daylight brightness levels and crash-like behaviour, although it says it will only do so using an opp-in system. It is also is tested new products, including in Dublin.

The company says that practice application of its Smart City project could include telling cities about hot spot areas where there are high frequency of near-misses and crashes which will show priority areas are for cycling infrastructure upgrades, identifying potholes even before they’ve fully formed, and integration with traffic lights, so that cyclists can get a green light and be prioritised.

Full details of the Smart City project lead roll can be found at https://seesense.cc/ — desired skills include being a cyclist, a data analysis / data science skills, having experience in cycling advocacy, and also experience in PR.

See.Sence said it will consider applicants from Ireland and the UK who are prepared to work from home, while meeting the role requirements for travel as required.

Here’s how See.Sence describes its current Smart City projects in Dublin and Milton Keynes:

“Cyclists in Dublin are using a tracking device similar to ‘find my iPhone’ for bikes to gather information on cyclist behaviour in the city. The project will include a low power device using new technologies such as Sigfox and Lora to generate real-time data. This can be integrated with our existing data sources and information to create an accurate strategy to help the city of Dublin become more cyclist friendly.”

“Cyclists in Milton Keynes are being encouraged to get on their bike and take part in our trial. They are given a state-of-the-art intelligent and connected ICON cycle light to use regularly when cycling. In return, as well as keeping them safer on the road, they’ll also have the knowledge that the data they collect through the light will help city planners design their urban environments to encourage a safer and better cycling experience.”

The company is also hiring a Wireless Engineer with the aim of integrating its technology into public bicycle share systems.

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