DublinBikes expansion around Grangegorman expected within weeks

A 15 station and 100 bicycle expansion of DublinBikes is expected within the “coming weeks”, it should include nine new stations around Grangegorman, four extra stations in the north-east inner city and two on the southside.

“Bike station infrastructure is under manufacture and I can confirm that these 15 new bike stations will be installed across the coming weeks. The expanded Dublin Bikes network in Grangegorman will be fully operational shortly thereafter,” said Cllr Ray McAdam (FG) on his website around a week and a half ago.

The construction funding was originally approved in 2015 by the then transport minister Paschal Donohoe, however the progress stalled until after a subscription price increase and other measures to prepare for covering the running costs of an expanded system.

Cllr McAdam added: “Local Minister, Paschal Donohoe TD secured funding of €1.5m in Budget 2016 for the expansion of Dublin Bikes to Grangegorman. Since this money was allocated, I have been working to ensure 15 new bike stations are put in place and 100 new Dublin Bikes provided.”

The number of bicycle docking stations is to increase from 101 to 116, while 100 extra bikes are to be added to the total number of bicycles which stands at around 1,580.

Of the 15 new stations, 9 are expected to be located around Grangegorman, where the DIT campus is partly still under construction. Another four stations are expected to add to capacity in the area between Croke Park and Connelly Station and two stations will add to capacity on the southside near the Grand Canal.

Meanwhile, Dublin City Council hopes to put by-laws for forth generation or stationless bicycle out to public consultation so the by-laws are ready later this year. The council removed some bicycles belonging to Bleeperbike after it was seen to bypass the engagement process which involves a number of potential operators.

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  1. This is great, but progress has been really slow on the expansion of DB since it launched.

    At the launch DCC SPC on station less bikes a representative from the council said that a bike stand for 10 bikes costs about €3500.

    These 15 stations will cost €1.5m ( I assume that’s for the stations, bikes and to cover part of the maintenance/ running costs)

    €1.5m spent on normal bike stands should get 400+ bike stands, that can hold 4000+ bikes.

    DCC will also be putting a yearly fee for station less bikes, if they set it at about €45/year it should pay for a bike parking space after 8 years.

    It would be good if there could be a push to significantly increase the number of bike parking spaces in Dublin over the summer before the stationless bikes launch.


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