Construction to start on Royal Canal Greenway sections in Dublin City this year

Work on two sections of the Royal Canal Greenway in Dublin City is to get underway in September and November of this year.

According to Cllr Ray McAdam, construction on the section between North Strand Road and the Phibsborough Road is planned to start in September and the work on the section between Sheriff Street Upper and the North Strand Road is to start in November.'s reader-funded journalism won't survive without your help. With over 762,000 views so-far this year, it's not just "avid cyclists" who read this website, but, if you want it to keep going, more support is needed from readers like you. Now, back to the article...

The route will eventually be part of the Dublin to Galway Greenway, although the Dublin section is expected to have massive commuting potential.

On his website last month, Cllr McAdam said: “I have been continuing to follow up with City Council officials to ensure the planning permission approved by Councillors some months ago is implemented as quickly as possible.”

“I can now confirm that the City Council has now commenced the tender process for the selection of a contractor for PHASE II, which takes in the area between Sheriff Street Upper and the North Strand Road. It is anticipated that a Contractor will be selected by end October 2017. The Contractor procurement is a two stage process but it is expected that the selected Contractor will commence works on site in November 2017.

He added “In terms of PHASE III, which relates to the stretch of the Royal Canal between the North Strand Road and the Phibsborough Road, tenders for the procurement of a Contractor [were] issued in May 2017. From speaking with the officials, I understand the procurement process for this project will be shorter. It is anticipated that the Contractor will be appointed in August with the intention of commencing works on site in September 2017.”


  1. I would have preffered if they done the Sheriff St to Newcomen Bridge section first as it is more important ,since there is no track at all on this section. There is a Track from Newcomen Bridge to Phibsborough already in place ,which is quite good.

    They always seem to do things back to front for some reason. Given their propensity of suddenly stopping putting in infrastructure due to curtailing Funding midway in projects until the next year or the year after. Would it not be better to finish the most needed part first.

  2. @John
    You would think that starting with the sections with the most commuter use potential would be the most sensible approach, but it is not how it is proceeding. Further out, the current focus is on the section between Kilcock and Maynooth which is nice for leisure cyclists and the odd commuter, while the far more commuter-friendly section from Leixlip to Castleknock is largely dirt-track with an impassable section at the Deep Sinking and no sign of any progress as yet.

  3. @ Aka I went for a spin one day from Nth Strand as far as Castleknock. Then decided to see how far I could go . At Castleknock Station I continued towards Clonsilla , It was very rough and dangerous. The Path was only about a Foot wide with Stones and high Grass on either side and a 5 metre drop to the Canal. I could not glance at the scenery as I had to keep looking where I was going. I had to stop occasionally for the odd pedestrians and make room for them it was so bad.

    When I exited the Canal at Clonsilla I made my way through Housing Estates and went through the Phoenix Pk and headed back Home along the NCR to the Nth East of Dublin. They could certainly do something with this section from Clonsilla to Castleknock. I have not gone any further than this.

  4. @John
    The stretch between Castleknock and Porterstown that you are referring to is the Deep Sinking and it is likely to be the most problematic and expensive section of the entire greenway. It has been put on the long finger because of this, but it is a vital section to complete the commuter-friendly section of the greenway.

    You are right that this is some good news at least. The pace is glacial though, so frustration is understandable. The Greater Dublin section of the greenway should have been completed many years ago.

  5. @ Aka .You are right building the Greater Dublin section is very important. Most Cyclists have no problem Commuting up to 10Km and a few can commute up to 15km without much fuss but beyond that is problematical. The whole route Euro Velo Route 1 from Dublin to Galway is vitally important for Irelands Tourists Trade . The huge Economic importance of this is being sidelined by an Inept Government who can spend Millions on a single M Way. Yet they are unwilling to spend a few Million on a Cycle Track.

    This could be a huge boost to out of the way Hotels and B+B’s and Café’s Restaurants and Bicycle Business’s all along the route. There is a huge Economic benefit to everyone.


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