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Respond quickly: Have your say on the future of greenways in Ireland

Public consultation on the national Strategy for the Future Development of Greenways ends tomorrow, Friday July 14.

Details of the consultation, including the Consultation Paper (PDF) and a Template for Responses (Word), can be found on the Department of Transport’s Smarter Travel website. Submissions can be emailed to greenways@dttas.ie.


  1. Please try to respond to this if you can. It is one of the few occasions that we get to have some input on policy decisions for the future of cycling in this country.

  2. Greenways are the future of recreational cycling and family cycling in this country.
    Most roads are too busy and inhabited by a new generation of drivers who never cycled as children and have no clue about the rights of cyclists and /or a scant knowledge of the roadcraft required to share the road with cyclists of any age . Having said this we as cyclists cannot allow the roads to be owned by such people and should abide by the rules of the road, and not be put off reporting incidents of bad driving when they occur.


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