Reader appeal: Please support independent journalism covering cycling in Ireland

Hello readers! I don’t like asking, but needs funding to help contuine and build our independent journalism covering cycling in Ireland. We mainly focus on cycling as a form of transport but also cover greenways, legal issues and collisions relating to all types of cycling in public.

Some of you may have noticed we have updated our sidebar (bottom on mobile) appeal:

PLEASE support independent journalism by helping with the costs of running Contribution of any amount are welcome and will fund on-going costs such as hosting, domain names, promotion, travel costs, FOI/AIE appeals, and equipment (like a much needed new laptop). Thank you!

I hope to put more structure behind and build, but getting a new laptop is now a priority as my laptop was damaged beyond the point of it being worth getting it fixed a while ago. Reverting back to an older laptop is keeping the site going but it’s not great. We also update the site via phone and tablet, but these and the old laptop makes handling larger PDFs and image editing frustrating.   

This makes it harder to examine cycling project drawings (which are often in very large PDFs) and makes image editing harder than it should be. Browsing can even be a pain after more than a few tabs are open. I am hoping to look at a laptop in the €800 range to more easily and quickly handle file and image editing, but if this takes too long we will look at a lower end range.

I also expect in the near future that we will need to fund appeals to Freedom of Information or Access to Information on the Environment requests to get information which authorities don’t want to freely release.

Thank you to all readers who have supported this site already. I also want to stress that I understand that all readers are not in a position to support the site in this way — any amount helps, but if you can’t afford it, please don’t feel presure to help in this way, you can always just share links to stories or tell a friend about

Our current target for the site is near daily updates — a blend news and comment (always marked as such), and a mix of more substantial articles and shorter ones. With cycling levels growing in Ireland and even more people supporting a built environment more suitable for cycling, I know there is a demand for to grow (using a model similar to and similar sites) and help inform more and more readers — please help this vision.

Thank you!

Cian Ginty

Please note: has a report that the “Make This Recurring” feature is not working, and is trying to address this, sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work. Left a small token.

    (PS. the link in the body of your post seems broken, tied to a stale session)

    Link on top right of page seems fine.


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