More residents commute by bicycle than by Luas and Dart in Dublin City and Suburbs

More residents of the Dublin City and Suburbs area use bicycles for their main mode of commuting transport than use any rail based transport. 

Census 2016 results show that that 54,009 people put cycling down as their main mode of transport to work and education, while 50,970 people use Luas, Dart, and Commuter Rail.

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Those cycling amount to 7.1% of residents commuters, while all types of rail commuters account for 6.7%.

Dublin City and Suburbs — the continuous urban area of the city — includes all of Dublin City, the urban areas of DLRCC and South Dublin, and the urban areas of Fingal joined to the city.  

In the Dublin City area the different is most pronounced with 34,501 resident commuters on bicycles vs 20,687 using rail.

The Census only counts people’s main mode of transport they use for commuting. So, for example if somebody takes a 6km train journey and walks or cycles 2km from the station to their end destination, the walk or cycle is not counted.


  1. Were bikes on LUAS originally proposed & planned? haha, the irony of it all. Now LUAS are out to actively demonise cycling. It’s a batshit crazy world folks.

  2. Not surprising really, takes me 90min to commute to work by Bus or Dart and that includes 20min walk from last stop. The whole thing takes between 30-35min on my bike and saves me over €30 in fares each week.


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