Streets outside train stations too dark for bicycle parking – council

— Council management reply is a “computer says no” response says councilor.

Streets outside two Dart stations,  Sydney Parade and Sandymount, which include on-street car parking, do not have adequate public lighting to make them suitable for bicycle parking locations, Dublin City Council has said.

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IMAGES: Ailesbury Gardens and Holyrood Park outside Dart stations have on-street car parking but the council said that these streets have inadequate lighting for bicycle parking.
The good news is that five bicycle stands with a capacity of 10 bicycles are to be placed at Lansdowne Road Dart station. Tara Street, Pearse and Grand Canal Dock stations are also to be assessed for new bicycle parking locations.

But the council report to the South East Area Committee of councillors said: “Cycle stands are not recommended at the train station of Sandymount and Sydney Parade as the width of the footpaths adjacent to the area is insufficient to accommodate the bike stands.”

“In addition, the National Cycle Manual indicates that lighting is important for cycle parking to allow for bicycle locking, for checking the bicycle equipment etc. It is also very important from the point of view of both personal security and bicycle security.”

It added: “Holyrood Park and Ailesbury Gardens are the roads nearest the Dart Stations that could facilitate on-street parking for bicycles. Unfortunately, the public lighting is not adequate in these areas. It is therefore not recommended to place cycle stands at these locations.”

Cllr Chris Andrews (Sinn Féin) said he will continue to pursue the issue along with other councillors. He posted the response from the council on Twitter.

Cllr Dermot Lacey‏ (Labour) said: “It’s not an acceptable response though which is why I will be opposing it. It is a why they can’t. I want a how they can.”

Cllr Claire Byrne (Green Party) said she “rejected the ‘computer says no’ response” and have asked the council to “explore options with Irish Rail and DCC Beta”. She is looking for an update at next area meeting.

IMAGE: On-street car parking outside Sydney Parade and Sandymount Dart stations:



  1. This is not an acceptable response to a pressing issue to ensure that we get multi-modality at transport hubs by providing safe and secure bicycle parking.
    Irish Rail hasn’t the space at Sydney Parade to accommodate bike parking stands within the curtilege of the station so it’s up to the City/NTA to find a solution.
    All that is required is to upgrade one street luminaire to give better lighting and install the bike parking hoops in a car parking space on both Ailesbury Gardens and Sydney Parade Avenue (S).
    If its OK for ‘Go-Car’ then its OK for bike parking too!


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