Free mini-bicycle lights to be handed out this week in Dublin

As the clocks have been turned back over the weekend, Dublin Cycling Campaign are reminding people cycling in the capital to light up — and will be handing out hundreds of free mini-bicycle lights this week.

“So-called hi-vis clothing is not a valid substitute for lights on your bike, nor is there any legal requirement to wear hi-vis. If you think you can get away without lights by wearing hi-vis clothing, you are mistaken,” said Kieran Ryan, a spokesman for the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

The campaign said they are launching a bike lights awareness campaign this week reminding cyclists of the need to light up their bikes and will be handing out free mini-bicycle lights to members of the public. The lights were supplied by the Road Safety Authority.

“Bike lights aren’t just a nice accessory, they are a legal requirement. After dark you must have lights on your bike.  If you are stopped by a Garda and have no lights you are liable to an On the Spot fine of €40,” the campaign said in a press release issued today.

The campaign also highlight how cyclists are permitted to use lights in either continuous or flashing modes after, an umbrella body for most cycling campaigns in Ireland, successfully lobbied to have flashing lights legalised.

Volunteers from the campaign will be out between 5pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday at the junction of Grand Canal Dock and Pearse Street; on Wednesday at the same time, at the Five Lamps junction at North Strand Road; and, on Thursday at the same time, at Portobello Bridge near the Rathmines Road.

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