Did you lock your bicycle outside Tesco in Dun Laoghaire today?

Did your bicycle go missing from outside Tesco Bloomfields in Dun Laoghaire today? You’re lucky that that a local bicycle shop owner was cycling by and stopped the bicycle from going on a journey on the Dart.

Joe Dobias, a co-founder of the Dublin Loves Bikes bicycle shop, said he was cycling by when he spotted what looked like a person snapping a lock of the white bicycle (pictured above). He caught the events on his helmet camera.

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Dobias tried to turn around by which time the apparent thief was on the bicycle, and apparently aware that he was being watched as it resulted in a seven minute cat and mouse game before the thief cycled to Salthill and Monkstown Dart Station.

Then Dobias confronted the young man inside the station and, as bystanders were asked to call the Gardai, the man handed over the bicycle and walked out of the station.

Gardai are aware of the theft and the bike is to be handed into the local Garda station tomorrow.

NOTE: Audio not safe for work:

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  1. Great work Joe…..the garda will sign you up for the Reserve Force!! Good to get a happyish ending!

  2. We’ll done Joe!!

  3. Brilliant that you were able to apprehend the scumbag ,Well done Joe.

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