Drury Street bicycle parking upgrade to start in the New Year

— Bicycles and locks need to be removed straight after the New Year.

— 120 temporary spaces available from January 15.

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Good news: Dublin City Council is starting work on expanding bicycle parking at its Drury Street car park — but commuters are warned that bicycles and locks left in the parking unit need to be removed soon.

As we reported in August 2016, the plan is to increase the number of bicycle parking spaces from a capacity of around 196 spaces to 356 spaces.

“We are preparing to start works on upgrading the cycle parking provision in Drury Street Car Park early in the new year. With this in mind we have to temporarily close the existing cycle parking provision to allow the works to proceed,” said Alec Dundon, executive engineer in the environment and transportation department of the council.

“We intend to close off the cycle parking in Drury Street Car Park from 9 am on Thursday the 4th of January. Advance notice of this has already been erected in Drury Street Car Park(see attached). Temporary fencing will be erected preventing people accessing the cycle parking area from this date,” said Dundon.

“We will open the fencing between 5pm and 6pm on both Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th to allow people who have missed the advance notice to remove their bikes. However, from Monday the 8th of January we will be arranging to remove any remaining bikes to our Cherry Orchard depot.”

These bikes will be kept at the Cherry Orchard depot for a month before the council disposes of them.

“From Monday the 15th of January we will be providing 120 temporary cycle parking spaces, 60 on the ground floor and 60 which will be located to the side of the ramp connecting the ground and first floor. The location of the temporary spaces may need to change as the works progress but we will endeavour to provide at least 120 spaces at all times. The expected duration of the works is 10-12 weeks.”

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  1. This is good news but I do wish they would increase the on street parking for bicycles a bit. It seems like stands are regularly removed and either not replaced at all or relocated/reduced.

    There are lots of Sheffield stands around the city and they did increase these numbers a lot in the last 20 years but to echo a political slogan from years gone by there is still more to do.


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