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Cycle lane on Blackthorn Road in Sandyford to be protected by bollards

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is to install flexible bollards to protect the cycle lane on Blackthorn Road against illegal parking by motorists.

The design change, for the location across from the Beacon Hospital, comes after the I Bike Dublin group staged protests on the cycle lane which highlighted the regular illegal parking and loading.

The lane is due to be closed two nights this week between 8-11pm this week to accommodate the works.


  1. @brian magee I haven’t seen any flexible ones not lasting long.. Flexible ones are good in that they won’t be damaged if they are crashed into by a car, and will hurt a lot less if crashed into by a bicycle,

  2. Great to see I Bike Dub getting a result here. Well done to the campaign, and fair play to DLRCC for responding to it.

    Where next?

  3. @Paul they rarely last. in fact since last week all the ones on between the frascatti centre and the lights and Mount Merrion Avenue have disappeared. because they are flexible there is no incentive to not hit them.


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