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VIDEO: College Green cycling bypass of Luas tracks now open

A southbound bypass of Luas tram tracks at College Green is now open for use — it allows those cycling from Pearse Street and the northside towards Dame Street to avoid having to crossing the tracks in heavy traffic.

It does not, however, provide access to Dawson Street or Nassau Street. Cycling groups have also complained that they were not consulted on the change.

Here’s videos of how to use the cycling bypass:

As well as motorist behavior on the approach, there’s other issues:

Pedestrians and motorists are also not fully aware of the change. Including traffic lights:


  1. Could be worse. I don’t love the way you have to yield just after getting the green light to cross back to the ‘correct’ side of the road. I think shoaling by northbound cyclists at the lights outside the bank might result in the southbound lane getting blocked up quite often but we’ll have to see. I do like not having to squeeze in to the slot with the busses and taxis to go through the bus gate any more.

    Based on previous plans for the College Green plaza I suspect the intention is that cyclists going both directions will be expected to dog leg around so that they transit the plaza on the south side. Two tight turns one after the other with cyclists going both directions is not going to work very well and I can see a huge problem with people just cutting straight across. I’m not sure what they can do to fix this if they are not willing to have cycle paths on both sides of the plaza.


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