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College Green Plaza: Read all the objections and other submissions in the one place

Ahead of the public hearing on the planned College Green Plaza, due to start on Monday, the last batch of submissions has been uploaded onto the Dublin City Council’s website.

You can now read in full what objectors and observers had to say about the project.

Here’s links to the full three batches of submissions and also the planning files for reference:


Batch 1:

ABP Cover Letter.tif

Alan Brennan.tif

Alexandra Covaci.tif


APK Compressors Ltd..tif

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Brady Shipman Martin, for Dame Property.tif

Brian McCreesh.tif

Brown Thomas and Thomas Newton.pdf

Brown Thomas.tif

Christine Kostick.tif

Cian Ginty.tif


Cllr. Ciaran Cuffe.tif

Conor Coyle.tif

Dept of Education and Skills.tif



Dublin Chamber.tif

Failte Ireland.pdf

Fitzwilliam Real Estate.tif

GVA for Tesco Ireland.tif

Hanahoe Solicitors.tif

Irish Hotels Federation.tif

Irish Parking Association.tif

Irish Taxi Drivers Federation.tif

Jim O’Connor.tif

John O’Flaherty.tif

John Weldon Auctioneers.tif

Jonova Properties Ltd.tif

Justin Marden, Celtcia.pdf

Lorien Enterprises Ltd..tif

Manahan Planners.tif

Matthew Connolly.tif

Michael Nolan.tif

Michael Walsh.tif

Muir Associates, DCCTA.tif

Naomi Hanrahan.tif


Paramount Hotel & Turks Head.tif

Reads Cutlers Ltd.tif

Reid Associates for CIE.tif


Restaurants Association of Ireland.tif

Ronan Fallon.tif

Stanberry Investments Ltd..tif

Stock Design Ireland Ltd.tif

Street 66.tif

Temple Bar Company.tif

Temple Bar Residents.tif

The Clarence Hotel.tif

The Dualway Group.tif

The Gutter Bookshop Ltd.tif

The Ink Factory.tif

The Keoghan Partnership.tif

The Larder.tif

The Olympia Theatre.tif

The Porterhouse Brewing Co..tif

Thomas Street Car Park.tif

Thornton O’Connor for DublinTown.tif

Thornton O’Connor for Martin Keane.tif


Toscana Ltd.tif

Trinity College Dublin.tif

Trinity Street Car Park.tif

Waterman Moylan for Lowstrand Properties Ltd.tif

Weir & Sons.tif

Wendy Crawford.tif

West Hotel Trading Company Limited part 1.tif

West Hotel Trading Company Limited part 2.tif

William Murray & Associates.tif

Yvonne Fallon.tif

Batch 2:

0. List of Submissions.pdf

1. TII.pdf

2. APK Compressors Ltd.pdf

3. Brown Thomas Clarendon carpark.pdf

4. Dublin Bus.pdf

5. Dublin Chamber.pdf

6. Dublin City Centre Traders Alliance Ltd.pdf

7. Dublin City Public Participation Network.pdf

8. Irish Hotels Federation.pdf


10. Jonova Properties Ltd.pdf

11. Justin Marsden.pdf

12. Lowstrand Properties Ltd.pdf

13. NCBI.pdf

14. Park Rite.pdf

15. Robert Sinott.pdf

16. Ronan Fallon.pdf

17. Stanberry Investments Ltd.pdf

18. Tesco Ireland Ltd.pdf

19. The Fotzwilliam Hotel,Shelbourne hotel & others.pdf

20. The Keoghan Partnership.pdf

21. Thomas Street Multi-story carpark.pdf

22. West Hotel Trading Group.pdf

Batch 3:

List of 18 Submissions to ABP to 21st Feb 2018.pdf

1. Dublin Bus.pdf

2. National Transport Authority.pdf

3. Transport Infrastructure Ireland.pdf

4. Ciaran Cuffe.pdf

5.  Mannix Flynn.pdf

6. Roisin Shorthall TD.pdf

7. Coach Tourism and Transport Council of Ireland.pdf

8. Flairline Fashion Group.pdf

9. Incoming Tour Operators Association – Ireland.pdf

10. Irish Guide Dogs for The Blind.pdf

11. Irish Wheelchair Association.pdf

12. Kate O’Neill.pdf

13. Mary Costello and Others.pdf

14. M.E. Hanahoe and Others.pdf

15. M.E. Hanahoe Solicitor.pdf

16. MyTaxi.pdf

17. National Disability Authority.pdf

18. Sue Uda – A Touch of Ireland.pdf

Planning files

Batch 1:

1EIS Non-Technical Summary


College Green Project- Environmental Impact Statement


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Background and Alternatives considered

Chapter 3 Consultation

Chapter 4 Proposed Project Description

Chapter 5 Planning and Policy

Chapter 6 Traffic and Transportation

Chapter 7 Air Quality and Climate Factors

Chapter 8 Noise and Vibration

Chapter 9 Biodiversity

Chapter 10 Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Architectural Heritage

Chapter 11 Townscape and Visual

Chapter 12 Soils.Geology,Hydrogeology&Hydrology

Chapter 13 Resource and Waster Management

Chapter 14 Material Assets -Utilities

Chapter 15 Material Assets – Land Use and Property

Chapter 16 Socio-Economic

Chapter 17 Cumulative Impacts and Interaction of Effects

Chapter 18 Summary of Mitigation and Residual Impacts

3 Existing Layout Drawings















RT5169 650 001

RT5169 650 002

RT5169 650 003

RT5169 650 004

RT5169 650 005

RT5169 650 006


Existing layout combined

4 Planning Drawings























RT5169 651 001

RT5169 651 002

RT5169 651 003

RT5169 651 004

RT5169 651 005

RT5169 651 006

Planning Drawings combined

5Design Report

Batch 2:

Public Notice.pdf / doc

College Green Environmental Impact Assesment Report.pdf

EIAR Table of Contents.pdf / doc

1. Introduction.pdf / doc

2. Background and Alternatives.pdf / doc

2. EIAR Non Technical Summary.pdf / doc

3. Consultation.pdf / doc

4. Proposed Project Description.pdf / doc

5. Planning and Policy.pdf / doc

6. Traffic and Transportation.pdf / doc

7. Air Quality and Climate Factors.pdf / doc

8. Noise and Vibration.pdf / doc

9. Biodiversity.pdf / doc

10. Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Architectural Heritage.pdf / doc

11. Townscape and Visual.pdf / doc

12. Land,Soil and Water.pdf / doc

13. Resource and Waste Management.pdf / doc

14. Material Assests – Utilities.pdf / doc

15. Material Assests – Land use and Property.pdf / doc

16. Population and Human Health.pdf / doc

17. Risk of Major Accidents and,or Disasters.pdf / doc

18. Cumulative Impacts.pdf / doc

19. Summary of Mitigation and Residual Impacts.pdf / doc

Appendix 1.1 EIA Planning Authority Determination.pdf / doc

Appendix 4.1 Outline Construction and Environmental Management Plan.pdf / doc

Appendix 6.1 NTA Modelling Report and Data.pdf / doc

Appendix 9.1 Appropriate Assessment.pdf / doc

Appendix 12.1 IGI Guideline and Impact Significance.pdf / doc

Appendix 12.2 Historical Maps.pdf

Appendix 12.3 Flood Risk Assessment.pdf / doc

Appendix 13.1 Resource and Waste Policy Legislation Review.pdf / doc

Appendix 13.2 Case Studies.pdf / doc

Response to further information request from An Bord Pleanala.pdf

1 & 2 Introduction and Background.pdf / doc

3. Further Information Request Responses.pdf / doc

4. Other issues raised.pdf / doc

5. Conclusion.pdf / doc

Appendix A Schedule of Amendments to the EIAR.pdf / doc

Appendix B NTA Modelling Report.pdf / doc

Appendix C GPR survey.pdf

Appendix D Vibration Monitoring Report.pdf / doc

Appendix E Cross Section.pdf

Appendix F CSE College Green Improvements.pdf / doc

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