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Contribution of any amount are welcome and will fund on-going costs such as hosting, domain names (ie, and the soon-to-be used, promotion, travel costs, FOI/AIE appeals and equipment.

In our reader’s appeal last year, readers like you funded a much needed new laptop. At the moment, we are mainly looking to cover the on-going costs.

Thank you to those who have helped before now and thanks to anybody supporting this website now.

Please note: The last time we heard from a reader, the “make this a monthly” option does not work despite trying to work with PayPal to fix it. If you want to use this this option and it works or doesn’t work for you please let us know!


  1. Cian, I applaud the work you have done in making this site a useful forum for news and opinion about cycling and cycling infrastructure in Ireland. I intend to make a contribution to help you stay afloat. However, I do have a question: would you consider opening up the site to others to provide news or opinion articles such as updates on particular projects or coherent opinion pieces or technical sections by subject matter experts? Aside from Nadia and the very occasional other guest contributor, the vast majority of the work seems to be done by you when you have the time. And while that is appreciated, I think there is a case for allowing others to submit articles that, subject to editorial approval, could allow the site to become more community-driven and dynamic.


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