RAW DATA: Sustainable transport funding in 2018

RAW DATA: Below is a full breakdown of the nearly €29 million in sustainable transport funding provided to councils and other state bodies by the National Transport Authority in 2018.

It includes cycle routes in planning and construction as well as walking, public transport and traffic management schemes:

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Dublin City Council:

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council:

South Dublin County Council:

Fingal County Council:

Cork City Council:

Cork County Council:

Limerick County Council:

Galway City Council:

Waterford City Council:

Other agencies:

Meath County Council:

Kildare County Council:

Wicklow County Council:

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  1. What is important is not what is allocated for sustainable transport but what is spent on cycling by year end. We still have little idea of how much is spent on cycling by the DTT&S in terms of per head of population or percentage of transport funding ands Ross refuses to say.

  2. Perhaps I am too cynical (time will tell) but I suspect ‘quick wins’ means painting a line on a nice wide road that doesn’t need a cycle lane anyway. Said line, I mean cycle lane, then evapourates when it get’s tricky, say at the first junction.

    I see a few mentions of cycle parking and I have to say that this is one thing the councils seem to do right. There may not be enough cycle parking for the demand and there may be some places which are crying out for it but don’t get any, but when the councils do provide cycle parking they do it right. My new workplace has fancy facilities at every turn but when you go to the cycle parking it’s wheel benders shoved up against the wall like so many other places. They are cheap and they don’t know or don’t care that they damage bikes and are insecure. I can’t think of another example where the facilities the council provides for free to the public is so much better than those provided by the private sector at great expense.

  3. 100K for Royal Canal Greenway section in Fingal is a joke. Not even enough for one more engineering report on the absolute lack of progress in the last decade….

  4. DCC/16/005 Luas cross city — Assorted traffic changes including Cycling interventions EUR600k

    Is that an admission that the tramline was a clusterfeic?
    What exactly are the “interventions”


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