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CyclingForAll.ie goes live — now it needs your help

An IrishCycle.com-backed national campaign for Cycling For All ages and abilities is now live at CyclingForAll.ie, with a petition at on Uplift.ie.

For it to work, it requires people just like you to act now and keep pushing for Cycling For All. Please start by signing on Uplift.ie and when you do, make sure to opt-in to campaign updates.

It it hoped that this will help address the design of how many cycle routes are still be built, increase funding and move the national discussing on cycling beyond just what some people currently do on bicycles.

A very big thank you to those who gave feedback on this and to supporters of IrishCycle.com who made it possible.

MORE: CyclingForAll.ie.

SIGN: On Uplift.ie

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