New data analysis shines light on DublinBike usage

New data analysis — with stringing animated visuals — gives a deeper understanding of DublinBikes usage.

The authors outline how weekday commuters use what “seems to involve almost every bike in the scheme being washed back and forth on a tide”.

On, the authors said: “It appears that the stations newly introduced this year as part of an expansion of the scheme, mostly with a focus on the north side, have been well utilised: we see these stations filling up and emptying out during the daily commutes along with the general trend.”

They add: “We can see several stations, e.g in Portobello, empty out in the morning and clearly getting refilled by the re-distributors. This is clearly necessary, as they are rapidly emptied once again before the commute is finished.”

The full analysis and visuals can be found on

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