VIDEO: Motorist drives at cyclist in Phoenix Park cycle path

A video by a reader shows how a motorist drove at him in a cycle path in the Phoenix Park at about 7am in the morning.

IMAGE: The west end of Wellington Road with no entry signs.

John Gough said that while he was training in Phoenix Park a driver drove the wrong way up Wellington Road using the segregated two-way cycle path.

The cycle path has been plagued by illegal parking at busy times such as bank holidays — in December 2016, before the cycle path opened, asked the OPW, which runs the park, how cobble stones inserted into the ground would stop motorists from entering the cycle path but there was no direct response from the OPW.

Gough said: “Going down a cycle track next to a one way road. Driver drove aggressively towards me UP the cycle track – He put on full lights to either dazzle me or hide plates.”

“I had to crash into the verge. The driver didn’t stop,”  he said. Adding: “Another driver did stop to check on me.”


  1. Hi,
    Just regarding your article: Video: Motorist drives at cyclist in Phoenix Park Cycle Path, I would put it to you that it is not obvious to a driver that this is a one-way only stretch of road !!!
    The signage and road markings are terrible, despite the fact that the roadway will only allow one car to pass at a time.
    I know this because I was driving along this exact stretch of road yesterday (around 11am) with my brother, apparently travelling in the wrong direction, and neither of us had noticed any signage to indicate that this stretch of Wellington Road is now one-way only for cars. It was only when a cyclist pulled us up on it that we realised what was going on. And we were driving in broad daylight with cloudless skies …. so I can completely understand why another driver found himself in the same situation in the dark !!!
    Something drastic needs to be done here before somebody loses their life !!
    P.S. I’m a cyclist myself so I can appreciate the concern from both sides here.

  2. @StephenFuller He seemed happy enough to drive directly towards the cyclist….. So maybe he didn’t see the signs AND he was sending a very important text at the same time??
    He knew what he was doing, and used the lights on full beam to barge past.
    Didn’t Monty Burns sum up this mentality with his line “Get out of my way, I’m driving a car you know”

  3. Another ” I’m a cyclist myself” excusing attempted murder. Look at the photo please. It clearly shows a sign that says no entry. If you don’t understand the signage then you have no right driving. Lucky escape for the cyclist. If he was not so alert he would have been killed. I am sick of the “I’m a cyclist too” brigade attempting to justify these tapes of incidents.

  4. Regulation 13 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997 needs to be used more frequently in situations where motorists behave in a manner that place other road users including cyclists and pedestrians at risk of injury:
    13.—(1) A person shall be guilty of an offence who intentionally or recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of death or serious harm to another.

    (2) A person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable—

    (a) on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £1,500 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both, or

    (b) on conviction on indictment, to a fine or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years or to both.

    The penalties need to be increased and examples need to be made.

    The behaviour displayed by the driver involved in this incident displayed psychopathic behaviour and as such should be removed from society until they receive treatment that allows them back into society. In general, a driving licence to drive needs to be recognised as a privilege and not some form of a right.

    In respect to this incident the cyclist was very luck and although must have suffered a seriously upsetting experience I am glad he was physically only lightly injured. Unfortunately I do not expect any further action to come from the incident.

  5. Hi folks, thought I’d just address the first post.

    I can understand someone not seeing signs and driving up a one way the wrong way. But this lane is segregated by a kirb, VERY well sign posted and the road is painted green. I cannot believe you and your brother drove up it in broad daylight. That is ridiculous and frankly, it is frightening.

    Secondly, in my case I use a very bright lights front ( and back and have loads of reflective material in my kit. This person saw me, knew what what they were doing and then drove away surely they looked in their mirrors an saw I was down. There is no defending this.

    I’ve reported to Gardai but they won’t be able to see the plates even if they can find CCTV showing this idiot enter the park. I hold out little hope of this person being found out this time.


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