Can work as reader-supported journalism?

Hello readers of, I’m looking at writing up a business plan for — there’s more than enough to cover with cycling in Ireland and related issues to make it a full time job, but can it work as reader-supported journalism? Maybe even part-time?

Due to unrelated work, family and life in general, going ahead as it is now will not be sustainable.

I’m looking at models and something between and StrongTowns keeps coming up, but I think the value in is mainly sticking to the journalism side of things — ie news, and comment and analysis. There’s ample general examples of reader or listener -supported media including and Second Captains, in Ireland.

But, unlike some examples, doesn’t see its future behind a subscriber-only model. Not to be too high-minded, but to steal a phrase from The Guardian, this website also wants to be a “strong, progressive force that is open for all”. I believe the journalism of can help inform debate around cycling in Ireland and also shine a light on on-going issues which are big and small, local and national.

While is seen as having an advocacy element, I mainly view this as “here’s how it could be better” articles or campaigning journalism (ie much like The Times of London’s Fit for Cycling or The Guardian’s keep it in the ground campaign, or that’s more common in UK-based local newspapers etc).

Your input on this is very welcomed — questions, comments, or advise… drop a reply below, or direct message on Twitter, or email You can also help by filling out the below twitter poll.


Cian Ginty

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