€53m greenway funding to be announced Q2 2019

Winning bids for a slice of the three-year €53 million national greenway funding are to be announced in Q2 2019, the Minister for Transport, Sport and Tourism said in a parliamentary reply.

16 councils and other state bodies made 22 applications for a slice of the funding which only amounts to €17.6 million per year for three years after years with little new greenway funding.

Minister Shane Ross said: “The funding call for projects under the Strategy for the Future Development of National and Regional Greenways closed on November 30th. Twenty two detailed applications were received from sixteen Local Authorities and State Agencies, including applications for the projects referred to by the Deputy.”

He added: “My Department is currently in the process of assessing each application that was received based on the criteria laid out in the Strategy which I launched in July 2018. This assessment will take time and will be very competitive given the number and quality of applications received. I hope to be in a position to make allocations in Q2 2019.”


  1. Misleading headline Cian! The Minister is giving away €53 Million but over 4 years. More likely to be in the range of €12-15 million in 2019 but expect to hear €53 millions at regular periods over the next 3 years.

  2. Hi Cyclist, Headlines are not designed to contain all the information and in this and previous article I’ve detailed that it’s a smaller amount per year.

    As far as I know, the funding is over three years, so, that amounts to 17.6m per year.

    The headline focuses on the fund and the newsworthy element of when it is to be announced. The opening paragraph says that it is over three years and the next paragraph highlights how much that is per year and notes that that amount is “after years with little new greenway funding”.

  3. Bike Week and the Velo-city conference are next week, so, an announcement might done by Ross at some event or another.


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