Council expects Liffey Cycle Route report “before the end of the month”

— NTA cannot be specific on time frame.

A report on Dublin’s long delayed Liffey Cycle Route — which has been 7 years in planning — is expected to be presented to Dublin City Council next month, Dublin City Council has said.

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The NTA took over the project from the city council promising a short turnaround but the planning for the route continues to be plagued by delays.

The report on it was due to be shared by the NTA with the council in June last year, but was delayed a number of times including first to August, then after the Summer, before the end of the year and most lately early in 2019. The Dublin Cycle Campaign even joked in November that they were going to have birthday cake for 7 years of pre-planning on the project. The pre-planning started 7 years ago with the Sunday Times reporting on it in November 2011.

Dick Brady, an assistant chief executive of Dublin City Council, said: “In relation to the Liffey Cycle Route, I expect we will be able to come back to the city council in relation to that next month. We’d expect to have a report from the NTA sometime before the end of the month.”

Brady made his comments in response to a question by Cllr Naoise Ó Muirí (FG) within a discussion on the future plans for the planned College Green Plaza at the last full meeting of Dublin City Council on January 7.

Cllr Ó Muirí said: “In relation to the Liffey cycleway… if we are going to proceed with the plaza we need to do everything we can to provide alliterative methods and routes in and out of the city and the Liffey cycleway is one of those routes.”

He said the project “has been sitting with the NTA for some time”. He wanted it back to the council for political support for the route, which he said “Which I think is key for the city centre.”

Last week, NTA spokesman Dermot O’Gara, said: “Work on the Liffey Cycle Route is very close to completion with some of the final details being considered in conjunction with Dublin City Council.” He said he was not able to be more specific.

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