9 extra councillors and candidates sign up to CyclingForAll.ie

Councillors and election candidates in Cork, Kerry, Waterford and Dublin are included in the fourth batch of politicians to sign up to CyclingForAll.ie. They include members of the Green Party, Fianna Fáil and the Social Democrats.

The principals of CyclingForAll.ie are Space, Priority, Continuity and quality, Permeability, Contra-flow for cycling, Integration and connectivity and funding for walking and cycling amounting to at least 20% of the national capital transport budget every year.

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The first two Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council councillors have signed up — the area’s current lord mayor Cllr Ossian Smyth (Green Party) who is based in the Dún Laoghaire ward, and Cllr Brennan Shay (Fianna Fáil) based in the Dundrum ward.

The latest to sign up in Dublin City are Cllr Patrick Costello of the Green Party in Kimmage Rathmines, and Hazel Chu a Green Party candidate for Pembroke in Dublin City.

Green Party Cllr Malcolm Noonan who sits on Kilkenny County Council also signed up, and in Galway, Sharon Nolan a Soc Dems local candidate in Galway City Central has signed up.

Three Green Party local election candidates have signed up elsewhere — Liam Quaide in the Midleton area of East Cork, Anne-Marie Fuller based in Tralee in Co Kerry, and Lynne Glasscoe based in Lismore, Co Waterford.

Is your local politician signed up yet?

It’s up to you to convince your local councillors and your TDs that CyclingForAll.ie would be good for their areas and the country. Outline how we need to up our game in design terms, and walking and cycling needs 20% of the capital budget from the Department of Transport.

Check if they are signed up:

If you don’t know your local politicians or need to find their contact details, you can find them via whoismytd.com.

The important thing is to keep it simple, tell them why you value Cycling for All — for TDs and Senators include the link: cyclingforall.ie/tds and for councillors send them cyclingforall.ie/cllrs

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  1. A local councillor of mine, Daniel Dunne, posted on Facebook that he has signed up, but I don’t see him on your list. Do you know if he has signed up?


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