Railway underpass installed for Dublin-Galway Greenway route

An underpass was installed under the Dublin-Galway railway line in Athlone over the bank holiday weekend as part of the coast-to-coast Dublin to Galway Greenway project.

While planning is stalled on the western section of the Dublin to Galway Greenway, mainly due to objections from landowners, that isn’t holding up progress in the midlands too much.

Building underpasses for walking and cycling is common in the Netherlands, but it is unusual here. The new underpass in Athlone is also wider, unlike most walking and cycling underpasses built to date in Ireland.

The work is part of the project to extend the greenway in Athlone from White Gates on the Ballymahon Road to the banks of the River Shannon at Athlone Marina. It was undertaken by Jons Civil Engineering Ltd.


  1. @Bigx
    There is not a chance of any progress in greenway project in east Galway as long as TII/NRA are in charge. Rural communities in the county have not forgotten how little regard TII/NRA had for them in 2015.
    To make matters worse Minister Ross has refused to allow east Galway landowners a seat at the upcoming consultation meeting which will decide terms of reference for constructing cycling infrastructure in east Galway, preferring instead to listen to groups from Wicklow. It is time for common sense to prevail. Rural communities in east Galway must be included in the process in a meaningful manner.


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