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Can the planned Liffey Cycle Route junctions be redesigned to be fit for Cycling For All?

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: A new Liffey Cycle Route was announced with what this website and other publications described as a broad welcome, but the devil is in the detail and the detail isn’t good.

The first round of public consultation on the route is on-going — details including reports and drawings can be found on DublinCity.ie.

Before people respond to the consultation fully positively, let’s have a debate about the details.

Junctions are key: Can the below junctions include full segregation for people cycling while giving them priority, continue to allow motorists to turn left and provide a high-level of priority for buses?

Are there too many competing things in the mix?

Here’s a sample of the most problematic junctions:

This is Parkgate Street at the main entrance to the Phoenix Park:

This is the junction with Blackhall Place:

This is the junction with Watling Street:

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This is Bridgefoot Street:

This is Church Street:

This is Bridge Street:

Is it possible?

There are other major issues. So, this is just a start in the discussion.

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