Should Dublin trial a protected cycle network even if it means facing down opposition?

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Should Dublin trial a protected cycle network for 8-12 months and see if people want to go back afterwards? This isn’t an easy thing to do but it can be done quickly and for a relatively small amount of money.

Last week on Twitter I suggested a that Dublin City Council needs to up its game on cycling by trialing such a fast-build bicycle network. Before writing about this further, I’m posting the Twitter thread here for reference as well as for the benefit of those who did not see the Twitter thread:



  1. Yes Yes Yes.All the best salesmen will go out of their way to let their prospective customer experience the product sure in the knowledge that when you see it in action you wont want to go back.So many projects that could make the city a better place to live are killed off using whatever argument is necessary to defeat it even when the reasons stated have nothing to do with the real reason it is being opposed.Let us make plans for a city designed for the good of its citizens and stop providing priority for the storage of private property on public spaces i.e parking.If when everyone sees the project in action they still reject it then we must accept it may need to be changed or abandoned but projects which prove popular with the people should get maximum support and priority.
    Business exists to serve the people.If people suffer so business can thrive it is time to change the business.

  2. Yes, a trial run is a great way to get a feel for a new concept. Could the Council run something under the Beta project template?


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