30km/h to be across Dublin City by end of 2020

NEWS IN BRIEF: Dublin City Council plans to expand 30km/h to all local streets to its boundaries by September 2020 — this excludes main roads which will stay mainly at 50km/h.

The council has taken a practical approach of installing speed limit signs and returning at a later date to add measures or changes as street redesign projects start.

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The council says in order to allow time to install the required signage, the speed limit for the areas are planned to come into operation on a phased basis: Part A (colour yellow) March, 31st 2020; Part B (colour blue) June 30th 2020; and Part C (colour coral) Sept 30th 2020.

Public consultation details are available on the council’s website.

IMAGE: Example of 30km/h slow zone signs.


  1. Griffith Avenue should have a temp 30 limit instead of a 60 limit outside Glasnevin ETNS and also at the triangle with Mobhi road/Ballymun road; same for the triangle of Harts Corner, only 1 side is 30.

    The OPW should get on board also for the Phoenix Park

  2. Absolute madness. The current zones only ‘work’ due to a sensible lack of enforcement by AGS. The city couldn’t function were this to be implemented.

    Better for DCC to be honest they want to ban cars altogether.

  3. Does anyone know, is there an accurate up-to-date map of which roads will keep higher limits? And what those limits will be.

  4. Cian do you know if arterials may be changed in this? The following are marked as arterials but really should be 30kph:
    Herbert Park
    Marlborough Road
    Shelbourne Road
    Bath Avenue
    South Lott’s Road
    Palmerstown Road
    Orwell Park
    Zion Road
    Bushy Park Road
    Jones’ Road
    Botanic Avenue
    Vernon Avenue

  5. @Oisín O’Connor, the purple lines indicate the roads where the limit will be left at 50km/h. Some of the roads you mention have speed ramps installed, it makes no sense to leave the speed limit at 50. If there are speed ramps in place, the speed limit should be set to 30km/h.

    Also, I don’t know why the council avoids using a 40 limit on roads. Some of the arterial roads should be reduced to 40km/h.


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