Cork cycling campaigners call for action on blocked cycle lanes

Cycling campaigners in Cork are asking members of the public to put presure on politicians for safe and reliable cycle tracks. It follows both a lack of enforcement by Gardai and the council, and Cork City Council refusing to add segregation to places with chronic problems with illegal car parking.

The example of Western Road in central Cork is such a chronic spot for illegal parking that cars and vans can be seen parking on the cycle lane on both Google Maps and on Street View:

The Cork Cycling Campaign and members of the public have repeatedly asked the council for segregation:


Another chronic location in Cork for illegal parking on cycle lanes where Cork City Council has refused to add physical barriers is Alfred Street beside Cork’s Kent train station:

Another location with a chronic issue is Mulgrave Road on an uphill cycle lane:

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  1. This general issue goes from bad to farcical – So after campaigning etc we get some bollards in some places – BUT – Has anyone noticed the trend now of cars being parked right at the entrance to those stretches of cycle lanes protected by those temp’ bollards, blocking us from getting in. On my daily commute, every day it occurs at one particular location close to Raheny Garda station. Cyclists have to go out to get around the car and into the car lane getting beeps from drivers (If not getting hit by their cars). Some of us have phoned the Gradai , asked them is it appropriate for us to report this and they say yes. They then waste our time, take all our details and then say “OK I have all that, now there is nothing we can do but thanks”. We then suggest why don’t they call to their address and arrest them as they have their details. The Guards say we must go to a Garda station and make a complaint there before they’ll do this. Its just excuses, excuses – and this is AFTER we get bollards?


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