Re-starting of work on Dublin City Centre to Clonskeagh cycle route welcomed

— Cycle route in planning goes via South William Street and Ranelagh.

Re-starting planning for the city centre to Clonskeagh cycle route has been welcomed, but it is disappointing the planning of the route is taking so long a local councillor has said.

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Physical work on phase one will begin in 2021, the National Transport Authority has said in a briefing note to councillors.

As reported in 2016, the project was one of those put on pause due to funding and resources issues linked with the Luas Cross City project.

Cllr Patrick Costello (Green) said: “The news of movement on the Clonskeagh to city centre cycle way is positive even if it is long over due.”

“When I was first elected in 2014, I started looking for improvements for walking and cycling in ranelagh. There are many places which are dangerous for cyclists, where someone in a wheel chair will have access issues. There are junctions that are not safe for pedestrians,” he said.

“At that time I was told plans were already in development,” said Cllr Costello. “In between then and now is a sorry saga of delays, withdrawn funding, and a failure by government to invest in walking and cycling in Dublin.”

He added: “It is disappointing that the Ranelagh side will have to wait until 2022 when we have already waited so long. It would be amazing to see what could be done with real investment by government.”

As we reported in June, artist’s impression images displayed at Velo-City — an international cycling conference which took place in Dublin in June — shows a glimpse of what the planned Clonskeagh cycle route could look like:

(article continues after images)

Harcourt Street:

Drury Street:

South William Street: 

In a note to Councillors in the Pembroke / Kimmage Ward on the progression of the Clonskeagh to City Centre Cycle Route, the National Transport Authority said: “Dublin City Council, supported and funded by the National Transport Authority (NTA), has undertaken substantial work in developing proposals for the Clonskeagh to City Centre Cycle Route.

“Within the City Council area, this route runs from the Dublin City Council boundary at the River Dodder, where it will tie in to the Dodder Green Route, to the city centre via Ranelagh Village. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council are separately progressing the planning, design and implementation of cycling facilities from its boundary with the City Council to the Sandyford area.”

The NTA note continued: “Both the NTA and Dublin City Council acknowledge the importance of developing high quality cycling facilities along this corridor, to allow safe cycling commuting to the city centre area, safe cycling connections for the students plus staff of UCD and safe cycling links serving the local neighbourhoods along the route. The scheme is being designed to deliver segregated cycling facilities to the maximum extent practicable along the route.”

“It is intended that the design work on this scheme will be substantially advanced during 2020 with the objective that construction of Phase 1 of the route will begin in 2021 – Phase 1 is from the City Boundary via Ranelagh to the Canal. Phase 2 is from the Canal to City Centre which will be delivered in 2022,” the note said.

The note concluded: “The NTA is committed to funding the implementation of this key cycling corridor as soon as the design work has been completed by the City Council.”


  1. Acknowledging the “importance of developing high quality cycling facilities along this corridor” is not substantiated by those start dates. I wish people could refuse to pay wages of people who come up with these empty statements.

  2. I think the cars on Sth William street are the ones exiting the car park? However they should be sent the other way as they are so close to the end of the street there, let them go around the block.

    I’m delighted to see this project moving forwards but it is a crime that it was ever put on hold, we need it to be a coming online NOW


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