Witnesses sought to hit-and-run after teenager was knocked off bicycle in June 2017

A family are seeking witnesses to a hit-and-run in June 2017 when a then 14-year-old son was knocked off his bicycle on Haddington Road in Dublin.

The family — who would preferred not to be named at this point — said that there was a witness who has since become unavailable.

The collision happened at 8pm on Monday June 19, 2017. It was Junior Cert time which the family hopes may also jog memories.

The 14-year-old was cycling up Haddington Road when a car pulled out. The family said that the driver proceeded to drive on and it was left up to a fellow cyclist to follow and stop the driver at Baggot Street.

The teenager suffered no serious injuries, but was cut up and badly bruised and the issue for the family is that the child was left by the driver on the roads.

The family said: “We’re particularly looking to speak to the cyclist firstly to thank him but also due to his role he may recall the incident and is possibly well placed to give a statement. However, any witnesses who saw the incident please kindly get in touch.”

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