WATCH: ‘Stop Killing our Children’ short documentary shows Dutch struggled for safer streets

‘Stop Killing our Children’ — a recently released 40-minute documentary film narrated by the BBC’s John Simpson — shows the similarities between the Dutch struggled for safer streets in the 1970s to modern day road deaths in the UK.

The film was made with over £10,000 crowdfunded by the Environmental Transport Association, a UK-based breakdown and insurance company set up by an environmentalist in 1990 as an alternative to the AA.'s reader-funded journalism won't survive without your help. With over 762,000 views so-far this year, it's not just "avid cyclists" who read this website, but, if you want it to keep going, more support is needed from readers like you. Now, back to the article...

Environmental Transport Association said on its website: “Stop Killing our Children examines how road danger damages us all, whatever our age and however we travel, and questions our collective blindness to both its cause and remedy.”

It added: “The 40-minute, crowdfunded film is narrated by the BBC’s John Simpson and features interviews with Chris Boardman, Dr Rachel Aldred, Dr Ian Walker, George Monbiot and the founders of the Stop de Kindermoord movement amongst others. Please watch and share our film. Please help turn the tide against road danger.”

Stop Killing our Children from ETA on Vimeo.

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