IMAGES: Royal Canal Greenway between North Strand Road and the Docklands

Here’s the first images from within the site of the Royal Canal Greenway between North Strand Road and the Docklands — linking the second busiest cycle route into Dublin with the large employment area in the Docklands:

Earlier this month we reported that the route is due to be opened in May.

The above shots mainly focus on the ramp which will bring people walking and cycling from ground level along the canal to the level of North Strand Road where it crosses the canal.

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The section of the route starts behind the Convention Centre Dublin. For the length of the route from there to the Northern Railway Line it runs as separate walking and cycle paths.

At the Northern Railway Line the paths combine into a shared ramp over another railway line and up onto the North Strand Road.

The image here shows a side view of the ramp with the Northren line to the left of the image and the road to the right:

Here’s an artist impression and drawing of the longer section:

More project drawings available at:

Work starts on Royal Canal Greenway beside Dublin Docklands

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