Man cycling to work killed in collision with car driver in Co Cork

A man was killed on the roads of Co Cork this morning in a collision with the driver of a jeep, according to media reports.

The Irish Examiner is reporting that the fatal collision happened on the R639 just north of Rathcormac village at around 7am and that it is understood the man was cycling to work in the village, and that he cycled the route regularly.


  1. Let me guess, the guy in the 2 ton Jeep was uninjured. Yet another avoidable death of a cyclist just trying to get to work. RIP.

  2. I cease to be astonished at the Irish authorities, in effect, ignoring the dangers that both pedestrians and the cycling public have to endure each day.

    Roads are thronged with heavy and large vehicles. Dublin and smaller urbanised are rendered unpleasant at best. Towns, Mountrath, Co. Laios, an example, are over run by articulated trucks and other such motorised vehicles. Locals, no more than a kilometer from the centres of tiny towns choose their cars to ‘pick up some milk’ because walking and cycling are not even considered. When are tax payers going to see evidence of planning with a view to better, safer living?

    My condolences to the dead man’s family and friends.


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