16 before and after images where cars were removed

— “There’s no space for cycle paths in our town or city!”

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: If anybody is wondering how you make space for more healthy, sustainable, and livable places, this article includes visual clues.

It’s not just about cycle paths, but these examples show how space for cars can be transformed into space for unsuitable transport and livability.

Before and after: Painted cycle lanes vs intern light segregation on Tavistock Place in central London — the street was made one-way for cars to made segregated space for cycling (photos thanks to Paul Gannon):

Dublin along the Grand Canal:

Waltham Forest in more car-dominated outer London:


If you want a smaller city, here’s Utrecht:

Amsterdam (although the first photo is later than the 1970s):

Time Square, New York:

Dublin again:

New York is a good example of quick changes and done cheaply at first:

Amsterdam again:

Utrecht again and this time showing it’s not always directly space from cars — this is made possable via a wider project which includes closing another road through motor traffic and giving buses a more direct route:

New York:

Another from NYC:

Pontevedra, Spain:


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