Uplifting Dutch cycling documentary “Why We Cycle” available free today only

— 56 minute doc gives perspectives regular people and scientists.  

NEWS IN BRIEF: If you have run out of things to watch on Netflix, the uplifting Dutch cycling documentary “Why We Cycle” is a available for free in full for one day only, today Sunday April 19.

On this link click “rent”, log in, and then under the payment details click the “Apply promo code” text and enter the code: DOCSCONNECT


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  1. Thanks Cian it was nice to see that again, seeing it would make you wish the empty roads were caused by a fuel strike and we could enjoy cycling in the city again, only problem with the video was the lack of subtitles, maybe a setting needed tweaking. Thanks again.

  2. Cian…..the short 20 minute version of Why We Cycle is available free of charge ALL THE TIME, courtesy of Cyclist.ie at https://we.tl/t-QADyCIlPyd ….Give it a Whirl!

  3. @Colm — thanks, but it says “Transfer deleted”.

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