BusConnects continues to accept submissions for a “short time”

— Cycle routes improved, but still “serious concerns” from cycling campaign. 

Submissions for the current round of BusConnects consultation, for the Core Bus Corridor Project, will continue to accept submissions for a “short time”.

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A notice on the BusConnects website said: “The current Core Bus Corridor Projects public consultation closed on Friday 17th April 2020, however for a short time we will continue to accept submissions. If you still wish to send a submission please do so to by email to cbc@busconnects.ie or by post to the National Transport Authority. All submissions will be considered as the design development is progressed.”

It said: “Even though the public consultation period has ended we will continue to engage with the public throughout the planning process as was done during 2019 following close of the previous public consultation. We intend to resume face-to-face meetings once restrictions are lifted, and will engage by phone or otherwise (email, post, etc.) to remain engaged with interested parties in the interim. Any updates or amendments that may be considered through ongoing dialogue will be published on our website.”

The BusConnects team added: “In addition due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the unprecedented times we are living in, the NTA has decided that there will be a further public consultation regarding the Core Bus Corridor Projects later this year. We hope to carry out the additional public consultation in September 2020, however this will be dependent on current HSE restrictions being lifted and in line with any HSE guidelines which may remain in place later this year.”

After making submissions to the consultation, the Dublin Cycling Campaign said: “Across all sixteen corridors there are improvements to the cycle routes. There are much fewer gaps in the cycle tracks. There are elements of high-quality cycle design… If the NTA uses these high-quality cycle design elements as key building blocks, they can combine them to create cycle routes that are safe for all ages and abilities.”

It added: “However, there are still areas where we have serious concerns with the NTAs proposals, including in Stoneybatter (CBC5), Terenure Road East (CBC12), Nutley Lane (CBC14) and North Wall Quay (CBC16). On the north quays (CBC16) the updated designs are significantly worse than the previous round with people walking and cycling squeezed out to make room for another bus lane.”

Details of the 16 Core Bus Corridor routes can be found at busconnects.ie.

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