Do you shop by bike in Dublin? The Dublin Cycling Campaign wants to hear from you

If you shop by bicycle in Dublin, the Dublin Cycling Campaign wants to hear from you by June 15 on the quality of parking facilities at supermarkets you visit.

“We know that many of you are living your lives more locally these days and probably using local supermarkets more often than usual. We in Dublin Cycling Campaign want to find out about the quality of bike parking at these supermarkets,” said the campaign on its website.

The campaign’s survey follows complying a similar survey in Belfast for a number of years.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign added: “The survey will establish a baseline, highlight areas for improvement, and guide supermarket management to invest in upgrading and enhancing their customers’ shopping experience.”

If you visit several supermarkets the campaign are asking for you to complete the survey form separately for each supermarket.

LINK: Fill out the survey

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