FOI: 2017 internal report on cycling collisions which official said was “victim blaming”

In 2017, The Sunday Times reported on unpublished report detailing collisions involving cyclists. The newspaper’s reporter Valerie Flynn wrote how the Department of Transport had advised the Road Safety Authority (RSA) that an unpublished report detailing collisions involving cyclists could be interpreted as “victim blaming”.

The RSA has sense published a more detailed report, ‘Cyclist Injury Trends 2006-2018 – With an in-depth review of 2016‘. But for the record, here is a copy of the report and a copy of correspondence between the Department of Transport and the RSA:

The FOI request response showing the reasoning for blacking out section of the report:

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  1. Mike McKillen May 18, 2020 at 10:38 am

    Many thanks to Derek O’Neill at DTTAS for striving to alter aspects of the report!

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