Vast majority of Dubliners agree with building cycle paths even when cars are disrupted

A vast majority — 84% — of Dublin residents support building physically separated cycle paths “even when this would mean less space for other road traffic”, according to a new survey.

The results fit in with previous polls and surveys in Dublin and elsewhere which shows public support for cycling infra, regardless of what a vocal minority say.

The survey was complied by UK sustainable transport charity Sustrans for the National Transport Authority.

It also found that nearly a quarter of adults cycle at least once a week in the Dublin area and 11% cycling five days a week or more.

Another survey highlight is that 21% of adults who don’t currently cycle would like to and building safer routes would enable them to do so — that means the those who currently cycle daily added with those who want to cycle would add up to 30% of adults cycling.

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The report highlights how 86km of traffic free routes away from roads and 84km of segregated on-road routes have been built in the Dublin area, but — as this website has reported before — these routes are not very continuous or connected. There still isn’t even a single route from a suburb to the city centre in Dublin and international research has shown dense network of cycle routes and cycling-friendly streets.

The survey found that perceived barriers which people said stopped them for cycling or why they did not cycle more included:

54% of residents feel they should cycle more.

The full survey results can be found here (PDF).

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