Cycle lane saved on Limerick’s Shannon Bridge, but other COVID-19 Mobility measures removed

There was good and bad news from Limerick yesterday evening — the good news is that Limerick City and County Council has confirmed that the segregated two-way cycle lane on Shannon Bridge is here to stay, but the bad news is other COVID-19 mobility measures are to be removed

The latter bit of the news has led to one local observer point to just one of the latest examples of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council making social distancing space and provide for cycling and comment: “You have to feel sorry for the places still affected by the Covid pandemic having to take space from motor traffic to enable active travel. No such concerns in Limerick thankfully.”

The good news for Shannon Bridge however allows for a segregated cycle route planned on the Condell Road, €1.1 million has been earmarked in the Jobs Stimulus for this route to be built this year.

The news about the bridge was widely welcomed:

On cycling and alternative access to the city, traffic reduction measures on the the South Circular Road are being removed:

The name of South Circular Road might suggest it as being a main route, but it’s really a narrow street compared to the alternative parallel road, which is 3-4 lanes wide.

As said below, Limerick’s South Circular Rd (marked in first image in yellow) is one of the most natural fits I’ve seen in any Irish city for a low-traffic route which would be key for providing safe cycling to the south suburbs; O’Connell Ave etc (in red) better place for through traffic:

With a bit of political will there could be a quick-build continuous cycle route from Henry Street to Crescent Shopping Centre — it could be a mix of having South Circular Road for access-only for cars with two-way cycling and cycle paths on both ends. This would not just serve people going point to point but also schools and other locations along the route.

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