Segregation of cycle lanes in Cork welcomed

People who cycle in Cork celebrated a win this week as Cork City Council finally started segregating existing cycle lanes with plastic bollards and dividers.

The amount of protection using bollards is relatively short, but people have welcomed the action as a good first step, and welcomed the council changing its previous stance that cars parking in cycle lanes was just a policing issue.

Here’s a sample of the new bollards:

Some of the cycle lanes are very narrow and the narrowness effect is made worse by Cork City Council insisting that dividers be placed inside cycle lane line markings — despite councils elsewhere placing bollards on painted lines:

Like the use of plastic bollards elsewhere, there’s also some other teething problems:

A sample of more videos, photos and reaction from Cork:

The recent work includes the installation of new cycle lane as part of a project on Horgan’s Quay, which has reported on before.


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