Grangegorman anti-rat running bollards to be made permanent after backing of councillors

The Grangegorman filtered permeability measures — which stops rat running — are to be made permanent after backing of councillors today.

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A Dublin City Council report on the project showed the result included notable lower speeds on Grangegorman Lower and it enabled more cycling, including children cycling to school.

Today, Central Area Committee of councillors voted to retain the filtered permeability measures, which currently includes temporary bollards and planters.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign said: “We’re delighted to see the modal filter at Grangegorman being made permanent. The trial has already enabled more people to walk and cycle, especially to local schools, and we hope this project can become an exemplar for future Low Traffic Neighbourhoods around Dublin.”

They added: “Fantastic to see this being made permanent. Thanks to Dublin City Council for implementing the trial and to all the local councillors who voted today to make it permanent.”

Here’s reaction on Twitter from local councillors and a local TD:


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  1. amazing that it passed seen as every cyclist and pedestrian knew it would but yet groups like the cycling campaign and even this page were putting out that it was going to be cancelled .


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