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Council blocks cycle lane with giant warning sign for 10 days… and counting

— Electronic sign is warning motorists of long delays due to resurfacing works.

Limerick City and County Council has blocked a cycle lane on a busy road with giant sign — which is just warning motorists of possable delays due to resurfacing works — so-far for 10 days.

The blockage is forcing people cycling out into the next traffic lane going uphill. The cycle lane is blocked on St Nessan’s Road, on a bridge which links Limerick’s south western suburb with the city centre. The bridge includes a quite an incline as it crosses overt the N18 dual carriageway.

The blocking of the cycle lane has been documented by local man Aidan Hogan, who has tweeted nearly everyday the cycle lane has been blocked so-far.

Hogan said: “It started on February 12. I sent a formal query to council on February 16. No response yet. I have also sent similar queries in November and January re traffic cones and signs in bike lanes but no response either.”



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