Cargo bicycle rental to be tested in Dublin

Dublin-based on-street bicycle rental company Bleeper is seeking people to help it trial a cargo bicycle sharing service in the city.

‍”Bleeper is seeking participants for the testing phase of our new cargo bike sharing service, BleeperBox,” the company said on it website. “If you would like to be involved in testing and reviewing our cargobike service, please register… and our team will be in touch with you soon.”

IMAGE: Cargoroo.

The registration page is at

The concept has been in place other parts of Europe. For example, Cargoroo operates in the Netherlands and Leuven in Belgium.

It’s not known what price point Bleeper will use. Cargoroo use a free subcription system as only charge per use with €1,00 as a start fee and €3,50 per hour / €0,06 per minute after that.

IKEA stores in a number of countries also offer cargo bicycles to customers and some cities like Utrecht in the Netherlands offers cargo bicycle rental to businesses and residents.

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