Killarney cycle routes welcomed, but better design needed says campaigners

— Planned junctions need redesigning, group says.
— Designs include the inability to cycle straight at roundabouts.

Cycling campaigners in Kerry have said that they welcome planned cycle routes in Killarney, but that work is still needed to improve the safety and attractiveness of the routes.

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“The Kerry Cycling Campaign are very supportive of the proposed scheme to install significant segregated cycling infrastructure in Killarney. The ambitious scope is heartening to see and will help to enable people to choose to take their bicycle over their car for day-to-day journeys. We commend the engineering team for their vision in this regard,” said Anluan Dunne, chairperson of the Kerry Cycle Campaign, in the group’s submission.

IMAGE: One of the roundabout designs in the project.

The group said that more work is needed on the designs of the route to have the most impact to help cycling become an attractive healthy form of transport for work, education and leisure trips in the town.

“A network plan is required for the whole of Killarney Town to ensure these disconnected cycle lanes are part of a wider network of cohesive routes – we are willing to assist in the drawing up of such a plan,” said Dunne.

He said: “Despite the ambition visible in the scheme, overall road priority is still given to the motorist. This should be adjusted to align with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets which clearly states that private vehicles are the lowest priority mode of transport.”

The group said that parts of the scheme “utilises very wide vehicle lanes” and that it suggests that the vehicle lanes be reduced to at most 3 metres and lower where possable in line with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets.

It also said junctions should be redesigned need to be modified to at least reflect National Cycling Manual guidance and ensure efficiency and safety and the campaign has suggested Cyclops junctions for some locations.

Dunne added: “Non-standard bicycles and bicycles with trailers are becoming a popular choice for people. These types of bike are genuine car replacement vehicles, particularly in electrified configuration. Typically these bikes are larger and longer and this should be borne in mind throughout the design. They require a wider turning circle, wider track and more space to wait to ensure they do not obstruct the cycle lane while waiting to make a turn. The same can be said of tag-along-bike attachments for children. Age friendly tri-shaws should also be accommodated.”


Overview of the section of routes and their location in the town:

Overview of details:

(see PDFs on Kerry Council’s website for full details)

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