Children cycling to school left with mud and high kerb as Limerick council accused of failing to act

A group which helps children cycle to school safety, the Limerick Cycle Bus, said this morning that Limerick City and County Council’s failure to deliver a “very small intervention raises serious questions about their commitment to sustainable and active transport in our city.”

Cycle Buses exist to help children navigate roads and streets which are not safe for children to cycle on their own.

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The intervention in question is a simple ‘drop kerb’ between an access point and the popular two-way cycle lane on Shannon Bridge in the city — it was requested some time ago and the council agreed to implement the fix, but the council have yet to act.

Limerick City and County Council have yet to respond to a request for comment which was sent earlier this afternoon. This article will be updated if the council responds.

The Limerick Cycle Bus said: “Every school day, twice a day for the last two and half years the cycle bus has used this ramp to gain access to Shannon Bridge. This section of the route is a struggle for kids and for parents too with smallies on their bike. On wet days it can be very slippy and muddy.”

They said: “For the last eight months, we have been asking Limerick City and County Council to dish the footpath onto the Shannon Bridge lane to make our cycle to school safer. The council agreed to the request, however, no action has been taken since, despite multiple requests.”

The group pointed out the council had been given €1.1 million to upgrade cycling along this stretch of road, but no apparent progress has happened.

They asked: “How can it take so long to implement the most basic fixes to facilitate children cycling to school? What is the blockage in relation to active travel in Limerick?”

“The Council’s failure to deliver this very small intervention raises serious questions about their commitment to sustainable and active transport in our city,” they said.

The Limerick Cycle Bus added: “These kids are working hard to do the right thing and travel sustainably They should be supported not blocked.”

Local Green Party TD Brian Leddin said: “The cycle lane on Shannon Bridge has been a huge success and many people use it daily, but especially children on their way to and from school. There’s one section that needs improvement, and it won’t require much work. @LimerickCouncil can you ensure this is done, as promised?”

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