115 politicians support ‘Cycling for All’ in Ireland

— Higher standards must be linked to funding of all street and road changes.
— Political support is key ahead of review of National Cycle Manual.

CALL TO ACTION: So-far 115 politicians — including councillors, TDs, Senators, and MEPs — have signed up to CyclingForAll.ie, a national campaign to support cycling for all ages and abilities.

You can check if you local representatives are signed up to CyclingForAll.ie by checking the list — the signees to date are mainly due to people asking their local politicians to sign up. Graphs blow also outline the spread of the support.

Higher standards which give priority and space to walking and cycling must be linked to funding of all street and road changes — special attention should be focused getting the best value for money on the projects funded under the nearly €1 million the Government is spending per day on walking and cycling.

Political support is key ahead of imminent review of National Cycle Manual — the review should see Ireland adopting international best practices and leaving behind poorer practices.

The aim of CyclingForAll.ie is to have streets and roads which are design for cycling for ‘all ages and abilities’ — where walking and cycling are attractive, enjoyable and safe for everybody from young children to retirees and everybody in-between.

It includes cycling for people with different needs, for example, people who need to carry children, people who use handcycles powered by their arms rather than the legs, and tricycles for people with balance and mobility issues.

This also means the infrastructure is usable and accessible for users of wheelchair and other mobility aids, allowing such users to opt to use the cycling or pedestrian areas as they prefer.

CyclingForAll.ie is supported by Cyclist.ie, the Dublin Cycling Campaign, the Cork Cycling Campaign, the Galway Cycling Campaign, Wexford Bicycle User Group, the Navan Cycling Initiative, Maynooth Cycling Campaign, Sligo Cycling Campaign, Cycling Without Age, and this website.

Support so-far broken down by party:

Support so-far broken down by area:


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