Dublin City Council to test on-street bike hangers for non-standard bicycles

Dublin City Council’s BETA Project is looking to test expanding its on-street bicycle hanger service, BikeBunkers, to non-standard cycles including cargo bikes and bicycles used by people with disabilities.

The BETA project team said: “A non-standard cycle is any cycle other than a bi (two) wheeled cycle. There are many non-standard cycles such as cargo bikes, tricycles, handcycles, recumbents, and their shapes vary widely. However, in general, they all tend to be either longer or wider (or both) than the common bicycle, and so will require a slightly different hangar and/or approach to how they’re positioned and locked internally.”

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The BETA project said it wanted to learn about possible issues, opportunites and the needs of using hangers for larger bicycles. This includes the size and visual impact, access requirements to the hangar or opening the hangar, and also specific locking requirements internally.

The team said: “We have one of these (extra large) hangars available for installation to enable some users to use it for a period of a few months in order to be able to give us give us some feedback. We would like to learn from owners of various types of non-standard cycle, and from both disabled and non-disabled cyclists. Would you like to help us with this project by taking part?”

If you’re interested BATA are asking people to please register your details here.

The BETA team added: “Please note that you’ll only be using it for a limited amount of time (for example 1-3 months) and then the hangar will likely be moved onto another location in order to learn from some other users. Also, as a concept stage project, any trial will also be fully reversed back to the current scenario following the trial period.”

For people with a standard two-wheeled bicycles, you can apply for a normal hanger via BikeBunkers.ie.

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