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Nearly 130 politicians sign up to CyclingForAll.ie

Check the full list to see if your elected reps are signed up.

NEWS-IN-BRIEF: Nearly 130 Irish politicians have signed up to CyclingForAll.ie, a national campaign for the infrastructure to support cycling for all ages and abilities. Those signed up include Councillors, TDs, Senators and MEPs.

The campaign aims for higher quality cycling infrastructure and looks to members of the public to ask their elected representatives to sign up at CyclingForAll.ie — it is supported by most cycling campaign groups and by this website.

By pollical party, the current sign ups of elected members include: 75% of Aontú (although with just 4 elected members), 73% of the Green Party, 59% of the Social Democrats, 25% of the Labour Party, 6% (one person) of Solidarity-People Before Profit, 5% of both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, and 3% of Sinn Féin. It also includes 11 independents.

By councillors only the breakdown by council area is topped by Dublin City Council with 21 signees, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown with 14, Kildare with 11, Fingal County with 9, South Dublin County with 7 and Wexford with 7.

A break down by councillors by council area is below. This breakdown does not include 22 TDs, Senators and MEPs (see full list).



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